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  1. Brad Bloomquist says:

    Great product overviews. I have the older version Carlsbad and like it a lot, up to about 80 degrees ambient temps. I agree that a pillow can make (or break) a proper sleep. Sounds like you found a unicorn. I use a Inreach Mini for communication to the wife, but don’t use any of the Nav or tracking capabilities or the Explore website. I wanted to like a Schuberth helmet because of their reputation for quiet and the modular convenience. But they just don’t fit my head. Seems I’m not “round” enough. Another gripe I have with them, and Shoei is their partnership with Sena. I use a Cardo and have a considerable investment in that system with no plans to change brands. So all the slick fitment and integration tech is wasted on me. Shame, really. I use an Arai XD which, while it’s not very quiet, is quite cool and fairly light.


    1. ImNoSaint says:

      Thanks, Brad. A couple of months into riding with the E1 and while I like the helmet, the Sena set up is wearing thin. If I didn’t have the remote (an additional Franklin) I’d have bagged it by now. I’m leaving on a ride June 1 for three weeks with other riders using Cardo, so I’ll be changing the Sena system out. Great thanks for your comment.


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