Adding another Tiger for our upcoming PNW trip.


If you hit the overpass crossing of Twenty-first South at I-15 early in the morning you’ll come across a heavenly smell of baking bread, but only on a motorcycle. Spanish Fork’s Canyon winds will try to tip you to the west and the current’s even more fierce at Nephi. UDOT’s finally smoothed out that bucking…

Valley of the Gods and Moki Dugway

One hundred seventeen miles to the south on Highway 191 is the turnoff for Valley of the Gods. I stopped in Blanding along the way to hydrate and fill up my Camelback with ice and I’m glad I did. Staying ahead of dehydrating is the trick for me.

The Shafer Trail and Potash Road

A rider on Softail passed me at this point ascending the trail, boosting my confidence. I felt a bit overdressed compared to his shorts, wife-beater and bare head. To his credit he wore sunglasses and fingerless gloves, but those were more accessories than gear.

Bountiful to Big Sur to Bonneville

It was amazing to watch her in my mirrors and see her confidence gain while she sorted out her new ride. It was terrifying to watch her in my mirrors as we got on Highway 1 and fought the winds coming off the coast.

On the Border

I thought while I fought the crosswinds’ relentless rattling, why do I subject myself to this? These conditions, the mechanical panic of being stranded, or having critical gear fly off the bike due to my own stupidity.

Stansbury Island

This is where I discovered I wasn’t alone as I thought, though the good souls visiting the eddy would not have been ideal to ask for assistance since they were all naked. Yep.


I’ve been in between bikes for too long, which is long enough to question my skills, though I’ve been riding for more than thirty years. And that’s probably a good thing, taking toll of all abilities motorcycling. This isn’t something with which anyone wants to get completely comfortable. Add a new bike to the fray…

SLC to 143

This A/B living is interesting in what it does to my psyche. A being home in SLC and B being back in StG. It’s the transitions that give my noodle pause, the in-between, the commute where time and miles are now measured in thoughts instead of per-hour. Thoughts like hoping the lawn hasn’t overgrown beyond the mower’s…

50/50 to 80/20

Not one pic from this commute. As the KLR climbed the switchbacks to the Zion tunnel the sunrise light was dappled against the canyon’s west walls where there’s a discernible tree line. The light hit it perfectly creating this amazing highlight running along the lower third of the mountain leaving the rest to go to…