Nebo Loop

Mount Nebo is Utah’s highest peak in the Wasatch range in its southern most tip and it’s a must-ride for anyone exploring Utah on two wheels. I’m fortunate to have it along my commute from Salt Lake City to Hurricane.

The Nebo Loop ascends out of Payson through a series of switchbacks, with the lower approach trailing along the Peteeneet Creek, named after the Chief of the Tumpanawach Utes.


Increasing altitude brings relief from the valley heat and incredible vistas.


That’s Utah Lake in the distance in the above image and Bald Mountain in the one below.


Traffic heading up the canyon was pretty dense, and then I realized why with the colorful signs at the Payson Lake Campground – girls camp. After that turnout, I didn’t see a single vehicle until I hit Highway 132.


FR015 doesn’t quite get to Nebo’s almost 12k feet. It tops out at 9000.


Devil’s Kitchen is on the south side of the loop. Not sure why anything red in Utah is associated with Satan.


The Nebo part of this commute was made all the better in comparison to the Junction stage where my bike’s rear tire lost pressure.


Turns out when I had that new tire mounted, little care was given to its tube’s orientation inside, and it eventually ruptured at one of its many pinch points. I have all the gear to repair except for a new tube, so the KLR and I got a special ride back to Richfield.


Not the happiest of endings, but it certainly could have been worse. After the repair I slabbed it home to Hurricane.

368 miles, not counting the double-back to Richfield.


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